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Temperature Indicators

VPL Thermolabels (Temperature sensing label /strip)

Temperature Indicators,Temperature Sensing Label , Temperature Sensing Strip A simple, cost effective and accurate temperature measurement can be made using VPL Irreversible temperature sensing strips/labels (VPL Label). To monitor the surface temperature, the required temperature strip should be affixed on to the surface of object. The circle changes from WHITE to RED colour as soon as the surface of object attains the rated temperature of circle.

Product Features :
  • Calibrated at +/-1% accuracy
  • Self Adhesive
  • Oil, water and steam resistant
  • Irreversible colour change
  • Simple, reliable and cost effective

VPL Thermolable Selection Chart (from 40C to 230 °C) (104 ° F to 446 ° F)
Single Dot     : Any temperature
Interval – in Deg C Double Dot Three level Five Level Six Level Eight Level Ten Level

Note: - Available

Any combination starting from 40°C to 230°C with different temperature intervals will be supplied. Customized strips of different shape and colour will also be supplied.

Various applications exist for VPL Labels/Strips. However, these strips are prominently used to determine / monitor surface / operating temperature in
  • High voltage switching, Wave soldering
  • Overheat detection of mortar and Cable etc
  • Baking, Dish washing
  • Printed circuit boards, Semi-conductor cabinets
  • Casting, Moulding, Rubber extruding
  • Cooling water radiator, Wind tunnel
  • Warranty abuse monitor etc
Standard packaging
Single and Double dot - Sold in units of 200; Three level and above - Sold in units of 100

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